November 17 – A Grand Ol’ Plan

Children’s children are the crown of old men, and the glory of children is their fathers. Proverbs17:6

We are so progressive. The world over can assess these words of mine in no time flat…and comment in many different languages!

And this business about age, it’s relative. Our consciousness in the area of health and nutrition is revolutionary. You can hardly identify folks by birth date anymore. Hair color, hair removal, and cool-looking bald guys of all ages has all but leveled the playing field.

But when it comes to family, God set in motion a beautiful reward system. It’s a bit of a “slow release,” but nonetheless, wonderful. For the brave souls who dare sacrifice their sometimes self-absorbed existence for another life to emerge, there will come a day.

Grandchildren, in the eyes of God, are a reward for a job endured and well done. It should be a time when the wise and worn spend the rest of their days being enjoyed, honored and appreciated by their children, who now understand they weren’t crazy, and their grandchildren . who think they hung the moon.

I am aware this utopia is eluded by many today for various reasons and more than a few grandpas and grandmas are playing mom and dad all over again. And that’s sad and unfortunate…but necessary if it’s necessary.

At the same time, for most of us, it is not too late to latch on to today’s Proverb with hope. As I pour into my kids and they test my sanity and sincerity, one day I will get that call like my mom did about fifteen years ago…the “thank you, I’m so sorry, and you weren’t crazy” call.

And with the favor and abundant blessings of the Father of us all, I will get that other call…the “grandpa and grandma, can I go with you and come hang out with you, and you are the greatest grandparents in the world” call.

It truly is a Grand Plan!