October 13 – A Tale of Two Kings

When swelling and pride come, then emptiness and shame come also, but with the humble (those who are lowly, who have been pruned or chiseled by trial, and renounce self) are skillful and godly Wisdom and soundness. Proverbs 11:2

The good book gives a historical account of two kings that ruled the children of Israel, God’s Chosen People.

The first was Saul, the son of Kish the Mighty. This young man was handsome, rich and a head taller than all of his kinsman (I Samuel 9:1-2). He had everything going for him, but when he was set in as first king of Israel, he became prideful and it ultimately caused him to lose the kingdom (I Samuel 13:13-14).

Then there was David. This would-be king was humility and servant-leadership personified. The youngest son of his father Jesse, he spent his early days watching over his father’s sheep. As a matter of fact, when the Prophet of Israel came to town to anoint the next king of Israel, David’s dad didn’t even send for him (I Samuel 16:1-13).

To date, David is known as the king of Israel that proved, even in the midst of a grave mistake, that he was a man after God’s own heart. Therefore, God Almighty paid him the highest honor any earthly king could ever wish for; He sent His only begotten Son through his lineage and one day He, the Son of God, will sit on the throne of David and rule the nations (II Samuel 7:1-29).

Pride is a funny thing. It makes you feel responsible, but it secretly undermines a complete dependence on God. The truth of the matter in the case of the two kings is David messed up much more than Saul if you measure the severity of their mistakes. The difference maker with God, however, was the attitude of their hearts. When confronted with his sin, David was broken and genuinely repentant (II Samuel 11-12). Saul, on the other hand, justified his behavior and apologized only to save face before the people (I Samuel 15).

May today find me broken rather than embarrassed. And may God find humility in my attitude rather than haughty self-defense. Though we are human, He has provided us with all kinds of help to get in a spot where He can pour on the blessings. But at the end of the day, we have to be willing before we will ever truly be obedient.

August 28 – He’s Got the Whole World . . .

The Lord by skillful and godly wisdom has founded the earth; by understanding He has established the heavens. By His knowledge the deeps were broken up and the skies distill the dew. Proverbs 3:19-20 AMP

I had a conversation with a dear friend recently about the “way of the world.” As it stands right now, leadership, world-wide, seems to have lost touch with reality and thus taken their brains out with the morning trash!

How in the world are you going to blow up your neighbor without putting a hole in your own vital existence? This little fragile ball is just that; fragile and one complete ball hanging out in a delicate balance.

And for the record, king, queen, president, or prime minister doesn’t possess the universal right to dictate what ultimately goes on in the grand scheme.  God alone founded mother earth. She is his creation and she answers to Him. To forget that is to find oneself frustrated and confused as she rolls on. Proverbs tell us God alone established the functionality of the heavens above and the deep below. And in order for her subjects to understand how to grasp and govern her, they have got to be possessed by the wisdom and knowledge of her Master and Creator. And that, my friends, is often the missing link.

But for the willing and humble soul, she will yield her bounty in time of famine. For she was created to respond to God-inspired direction. If love for your fellow man and patience with your faithful Father consumes the depth of your being, Mother Earth, Sister Sky, and Brother Water will gladly lend their assistance to your noble efforts.