Dunford Family Ministries has been our fledgling attempt to minister in a different kind of “family” way, with all of us involved as much as possible.  We are in our seventh year of watching it all transform and unfold. Prior to DFM, Lorenzo was walking out a Wal-Mart management career, then began directing youth activities for the city of Enid, OK, followed by three different associate pastorate positions in three different church denominations.  As we look back, it was all good preparation for the road ahead.  🙂

Now, through DFM, we really enjoy the unique opportunities we’ve been able to pursue.  Our ministry has a three-fold purpose . . .

DFM March 2009 022

Children singing at a church dinner(2008)

First, we have employed the deep and wide vastness of cyberspace to help individuals (the potential is worldwide) read and study God’s Word in bite-size pieces.  Our devotional has been published on our website since our beginning, and is a cornerstone for our family that we hope will bless others.  Since December we have been transitioning to this new and updated site, devosbyzo.com, along  with a new blog for Jen called justafamilything.com. We hope you’ll follow both of them!

Mr  Dunford

Lorenzo speaking at a graduation(2009)

Secondly, we do speaking and preaching engagements for churches, businesses, and civic organizations.  This is mainly Lorenzo’s area.  (Jen does speaking engagements as well, as she can fit in between managing hearth and home.) He is an ordained minister and is a prolific and engaging communicator (Jen’s opinion 🙂 )  If a pastor needs to be away or needs a replacement for some reason, he can step in and take his place.  He has a communications degree from SWOSU in Weatherford, OK, and has more than twenty years of experience with all types of speaking and communication venues.  He has also been the main speaker for youth camps, graduations, honor society inductions, vo-tech programs, etc.  And if the need arises for music of any kind or a worship service, Lorenzo, Jen, or our children can minister in music.  (We have been in almost every kind of denomination in about fifty different churches over the years.)

If you would like to contact us for an appointment, fill in the form below. 


The three older children playing music(2009)

Thirdly, we are involved in a jail ministry and a drug court service for Custer County.  Lorenzo is very thankful to be able to teach in the jail for the male population and has seen an immense amount of participation and progress in the last couple of years.  He also, along with the older children, has been thrilled to be a part of a drug court service called “The Bridge” with our close friend Jerry Wood.  He is able to speak and teach there as well and the children play music through their own band.  Needless to say, both of these areas have blessed our family tremendously and we are grateful to be a part of them.  There is not room here to write all of the “God-stories” we’ve seen and heard through the jail and The Bridge, but suffice it to say big things are happening!

If you would have any questions or comments about our ministry in the jail or The Bridge, please send us a message in the box below. 


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