November 3- News Isn’t Gospel

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. Matthew 24:35 NIV

 I have no trouble catching the headlines of what’s going on in the world. The newspaper beckons my attention and the television offers me a smorgasbord of the latest in current events. I can drink it all in effortlessly while exercising, eating breakfast, or having my morning java. And I seem to have no problem paying attention or retaining what I hear. It’s strange. I don’t really have to be acquainted with the information’s source, their agenda, or motivation for reporting. I just chalk it up to “these are the facts so they must be true.” But when it comes to the Bible, God’s Inspired Word, I can’t seem to retain its content nor am I motivated to read it before all other activity. When I do take time to peel back its pages, my attitude is often anything but enthusiastic. My feelings tell me it’s a waste of time; there are more worthwhile things I should be doing right now than sitting here reading the Bible. Isn’t that funny? Why would I struggle with such ridiculous behavior? What makes me on one hand so eager and open to relate to the news and yet on the other, so reluctant to relate to God and His Words of ageless wisdom? Could there be something strategic to it? Is it possible my response is by design? Maybe there is a force so devious and diabolical, it wants to keep me constantly anesthetized with tragedy and gossip so I will have no appetite for what God has to say. Well, if Jesus is real and His statement is true about heaven and earth passing away, but the Word of God enduring for eternity, I am sure I know what to do next…. Do you know the last place you laid down your Bible?


One thought on “November 3- News Isn’t Gospel

  1. My flesh will always resist the leading of the spirit, especially when He leads me to the table of life to dine, i pray for the determination to break Gods bread daily wether my flesh wants to or not


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