October 26- Even A Harlot Can Have Hope

Genesis 38:26 Judah recognized them and said, “She is more righteous than I…

You’ve seen the tabloids at the grocery store checkout aisle. Illicit behavior seems to earn you a front spot on the walls of fame these days. We shake our heads at the lewdness and immodesty that is plastered in front of our eyes. But even a headline like this would be an all-time shocker here in 2010: Man Pays for Prostitute, Finds Out She’s His Daughter-In-Law!

 Yikes! We’re not talking about the 21st century, this event took place thousands of years ago. That’s right, read Genesis, chapter 28. There you’ll find a man named Judah., who after being widowed, decided to find the services of a harlot before retiring. Keep in mind that he’d had some heartache; he’d lost two of his three sons and his wife. Though he didn’t have the goat he’d promised the heavily veiled woman he’d slept with, he gave her his signet and cord to keep until he could pay her. He could never have imagined what was going through the mind of this “woman of the evening.” (Her name was Tamar.) Not only did she know this man, he was her father-in-law! In those days, the custom in place to take care of widows and continue the family line allowed a brother of a deceased husband to take the widowed woman. (Tamar had married the first son, he died, then married the next brother, then HE died. It’s confusing, I know. Now she was waiting for Judah to give her his third son, and he refused to do so.) This doesn’t sound like an emotionally healthy proposition for the wife, but keep in mind, she would need the stability of a new husband and eventually sons and daughters, or she would possibly be reduced to begging on the street. Women of this time knew this. Fair or not, Tamar recognized Judah’s motive and decided to boldly act in the disguise of a harlot, against all sense and reason. She saw no other way out, she was desperate, and she laid her life on the line.

You’ll really have to spend some time reading this roller-coaster of a story and watch as you keep trying to convince yourself you’re reading the Bible! When Tamar was found to be pregnant, Judah wanted her to be burned at the stake. Imagine her walking up to him in front of the whole village, holding his signet and cord, and saying “The man who owns these is the father of my baby.” He was instantly stricken with regret, and says “this woman was more righteous than I.” Tamar ends up giving birth to twins, one of which is in the lineage of Jesus! Wow. Our God is not in a box! He deals with imperfect people, and He judges our true motives. Still feel too inadequate to give your heart to him? Still want to get yourself all cleaned up? Forget it. He is the epitome of mercy, his arms are open wide, and He loves you more than you can imagine…and He’s waiting on you.


Biblical Meditation: Psalm 103:12 as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.        

One thought on “October 26- Even A Harlot Can Have Hope

  1. Wow,,our God can do anything He makes beauty of our messes if we allow Him to do so. Thank you Lorenzo,gods voice to many of us here in western Oklahoma.


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