March 13 – Stand Tall

There are three things which are stately in step, yes, four which are stately in their stride: The lion, which is mightiest among beasts and turns not back before any; The war horse [well-knit in the loins], the male goat also, and the king [when his army is with him and] against whom there is no uprising. Proverbs 30:29-31 AMP

Just because the bully has your name on his list, and just because you are not sure you can lick him, he doesn’t have to know it.

And what he doesn’t know, leaves a 50/50 gap a mile wide in his brain. Therefore, until you crater under speculation and peer-based testimonials of past defeats, you are formidable foe material.

Chances are, your bully is no longer glaring at you through the monkey bars at recess. But they still exist in the form of bills, ills and “people-y pills!” And no matter the size or the symptom, today’s wise counsel suggests we face them by standing tall.

They say your kid is always in trouble and will probably never amount to much…Stand Tall!

They say your tests are inconclusive and they want to run more…Stand Tall!

Your boss says either you agree to relocate or you will lose all your benefits…Stand Tall!

Your spouse says they don’t love you anymore and they are leaving…Stand Tall!

All of those scenarios scream defeat, but none of them can guarantee a knockout! If God is truly guilty of anything, it would be spoiling the plans of a bully situation.

He alone has the last say and throws the final blow!


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