February 24 – A Fine Line

The accomplice of a thief is his own enemy; he is put under oath and dare not testify. Proverbs 29:24 NIV

Helping one another is basic, biblical, and benevolent. But many times there is an invisible line that separates actions that hinder and those that truly help.

Handouts feel good…initially. Yet, when the recipient begins to make preferential demands, kindhearted notions sour and the desire to “help” can grow cold.

Hand-ups, on the other hand, protect the intent of the giver and the integrity of the receiver. Often, patience, persistence and practicality are mainstays in this approach. And many times, those preferring a “quick fix” bail out of the race. But those who are truly wanting to progress, excel.

You do me no favors helping me “not help” myself. Give me tough love if I am taking the easy way out. But when you see me giving it my all, a helping hand goes a long, long way!

Pray to define that line. And when you do, it will all go just fine.


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