January 26 – Hunger Pains

The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion. Proverbs 28:1

Growing up, I was always hungry. Well, kind of. I ate my fair share of whatever we had for dinner, but my hunger never ceased for the stuff that was no good for me or something my mom told me to leave alone.

She was on a diet and had certain things should could eat for lunch. So, every few days, as I recall, she would bake a chicken, wrap the pieces in foil and put it in her lunch sack…along with a cup of fruit-filled yogurt.

One time I got into mom’s yogurt. You know the little cups I’m talking about? About 8 ounces or so with all those different kinds of flavors? Well, I knew no moderation, so I could polish off about ten of those things in no time flat. Therefore, they were off limits.

Over time, my “hunger” got the best of me and I snuck one. Took it into my room. Hid under the bed. Every bite, I heard footsteps. Took me an hour to finish it and all I remember is being more worried about getting caught than enjoying my stolen treasure.

When things aren’t right, we don’t rest well. Granted, if you make a habit of breaking rules, unfavorable repercussions become a way of life. But that’s no kind of living, if you ask me.

When we know there is nothing to hide, we come and go as we please. And when something ugly tempts us, then we can plant our feet and stand our ground.