January 14 – Let Your Life Do the Talking

Don’t call attention to yourself; let others do that for you. Proverbs 27:2

I watched the 2015 College Football National Championship game the other night. Time and attention had not called for much football watching the past year so I wasn’t up on all the facts.

Turns out, one of the teams reached this historic game by the skin of their teeth. Ohio State struggled with injury before and during their remarkable season in key areas and overcame notable setbacks.

Even though I had no allegiance to Oregon or Ohio State, when I heard the underdogs were being led by a third string quarter back who was starting in only his third college game, it got my attention.

Then I found out he was matched up against a young man who had won every possible award a quarter back is eligible for, including the highly revered Heisman Trophy.

If the rookie QB would have folded under the pressure of playing against such a respectable foe in the most important game of college football this season, nobody would have counted it odd or given him a hard time. The truth be told, three weeks prior to the big night, hardly anybody in the country knew his name.

But when the smoke cleared and the Ohio Buckeyes wound up on top 42-20, 89,000 plus fans in Dallas Cowboy stadium and the millions watching were all well acquainted with Mr. Cardale Jones.

What this young man does now that he is a household name remains to be seen. But in one of the most historical moments in College Football this decade, if not century, he exemplified today’s proverbial wisdom.

He went out and did his job! That’s impressive and noteworthy. And everybody else is doing the talking.