December 26 – Skillfully Inspired

Through wisdom a house is built . . . Proverbs 24:3a NKJV

I know wisdom as a two-sided coin; one side is skill and the other godly inspiration. Each of us have been enabled by our Creator and Father with certain abilities. And often those abilities produce results that are noticed and confirmed by others as special.

But to be inspired to color inside the lines alone doesn’t constitute a “wise soul.” However, when that inspired one seeks out how to mix the shades of his or her colors to create a unique blend of tones, then we see skill come on the scene. Together, they do completely phenomenal work!

House-building done well, can only be done through wisdom. Every member that belongs there comes complete with his and her own plans and purposes. And in order to minimize chaos and maximize communication, one does well to practice the skill of listening twice as much as he applies the inspiration of talking.

Nothing I ever given my whole self to required so much of me. Many days I feel I have nothing to offer, and it seems it is during those times that godly wisdom shines from within me in the most humble of ways.

And one day when you wake up and look around to find walls, ceilings, rooms, tables and chairs in the form of moments, memories, and lives that are singing the same chorus to you…thank God for all He has done!