December 17 – TIPS

He who has a bountiful eye shall be blessed, for he gives of his bread to the poor. Proverbs 22:9 AMP

Waiting tables. What a way to make ends meet. Back when I was really too young to be hustling my fair share of tips, I was knee-deep in the middle of it and loving every minute.

Because at barely sixteen, a couple of ten dollar bills or an apron full of ones was enough to cover lunch at school for at least a couple of days! But the lion’s share of the money I didn’t see because I was only the bus boy and expeditor. Nevertheless, like the waiters, I relied heavily on the generosity of the considerate.

It wasn’t until a few years ago did I discover a most noble insight into the world of compensation for the waitrons of the world. Standing in line, waiting for a table, I overheard someone say, “If we knew what tipping was really about in this country, there would be no wait!”

Intrigued, I inquired, “Sorry to butt in, but what do you mean”? The lady kindly spoke, “The word TIPS is an acronym for “To Insure Proper Service.” And in many foreign countries around the world the tip is offered before the meal.”

What a novel concept. It took me a few times out before I worked up the courage to try the idea. I was amazed at the reaction. When we were seated, I compensated our waiter up front. Not accustomed to receiving payment before services were rendered took him aback. I explained…the service was genuine.

For me, a true generous eye looks an awful lot like TIPS. Before services benefit me, before he or she proves their intent, and in spite of “have and have not” status, I share, I give, I compensate.


Because…Generous hands are blessed hands!

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