November 6 – Nowhere to Run

The Lord has made everything [to accommodate itself and contribute] to its own end and His own purpose—even the wicked [are fitted for their role] for the day of calamity and evil. Proverbs 16:4 AMP

When I look down, I see a good-sized pair of feet (12 fits so good, I wear a 13!). Looking up, I see brown skin, a modified nose reflective of my multi-cultural heritage, and an average height and stature. And until my latter years, most days found me grumbling unappreciatively about one or more of my “shortcomings.”

I have learned my inadequate self-assessment is rather common. Most of us don’t waltz by the mirror winking and giving our appearance winks of praise or adoration. That’s because we are not responsible for the design…thank God!

On the contrary, our whole existence has everything to do with a Master Craftsman who is the creative Father of all that is. And why He designated us above all creatures to have an opinion is truly beyond me. But He did.

Freedom came for me when I quit fighting with the unknowns and embraced the fact that He tends to think I am significant, as well as all of the other people on this celestial ball. At the end of the day, none of us can hide.
And try as we may to erase the “oops” and “oh no’s” of the past, every stumble, fumble and fall fits beautifully in the overall story.

Today’s Proverb falls at a time when the Nation I call home is in a bit of transition. And many are extremely hopeful and just as many are confused and downright frustrated. But if we listen really closely to the only Voice that truly matters in the grand scheme, we hear ageless counsel that will be the same for generations to come…It says “follow Me, I know the WAY!”