October 17 – What a Way to Live

There are those who [generously] scatter abroad, and yet increase more; there are those who withhold more than is fitting or what is justly due, but it results only in want. Proverbs 11:24 AMP

We have a special place we love to eat on an occasional date. It has great Mexican food and even greater service. Out here in western Oklahoma, we treasure our good restaurants (they can be few and far between).

Our favorite waitress is there almost every time we go. She is raising a couple of sweet children and working hard for their future. Her story always stays with us, long after the meal is over.

Every person crosses our path for a reason. It would be tragic to miss those moments to give, wherever and whenever the occasion arises. Our waitress touches our heart time and again with her giving service, but at the same time, we are moved to give back to her. If we’re able, we want our tip to be big and our smiles even bigger.

“Paying it forward” isn’t just a new-fangled idea from a Hollywood movie. It’s an age-old principle from the Word of God. It’s how God works and it’s how our lives can work if we live and move by His direction.

If we live by how we give, the next blessing is always around the corner.