October 10 – May God Be Pleased

A false balance and unrighteous dealings are extremely offensive and shamefully sinful to the Lord, but just weight is His delight. Proverbs 11:1

During my freshman year of college, my dad got me a car. And from then on, I pretty much negotiated my own deals. I learned pretty quickly I needed to know as many facts about the sale and any previous maintenance of the vehicle before I showed up on a car lot (personally I do better with the one owner deals). Car salesmen are people too, so generally speaking, there have been those times when the preferential treatment I received before the sale quickly grew wings and flew away once I drove off that lot.

Though truly unfortunate, this kind of conduct, particularly in the business arena, is far too common. The opportunity to make a quick buck or the ability to capitalize on another’s financial inabilities promotes distrust, reluctance and offense toward our fellow man. This ought not to be.

That is one of the reasons I make myself beg the internal question before I transact business, service, or entertainment. “Lorenzo, why are you doing this, really?” I can’t count the times an idea started out with pure motives only to morph into a mess of subtle “need meeting” manipulation. And that leaves a bad aftertaste.

Human-ness has an order called selfishness and as long as we live and breathe on planet earth, it’s grime will get on us from time to time. But our Father knows and He sees and, thus, provides soul-cleansing for anyone that grows wary of the stench.

When in doubt, go without until there is no more doubt. When in need, sow a seed to someone who’s also in need. These are simple steps in theory, but sobering to the core when executed. Of all the lessons I’ve pocketed on this “Historic” adventure, those two little nuggets have kept me listening, loving and letting go at just the right times.

This leaves me owning nobody and helping somebody and blessing the One Individual that matters the most: God!


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