October 6 – The Keeping Quilt

Hatred starts fights, but love pulls a quilt over the bickering.  Proverbs 10:12 MSG

One of my favorite children’s books is entitled “The Keeping Quilt” written by Patricia Polacco. The story centers around a special quilt made by a Russian woman who migrates to America that will help her and her family remember their home country.   Throughout four generations, the quilt is used as a tablecloth, a huppa (a wedding canopy) and welcomes new babies.

The quilt in this story is the perfect picture for our proverb.

Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. It can be so easy to see someone else’s mistake while our own mistakes are piled to the sky. My latest response to a fuss between some of our children was this: “Would you still care about being right if your sister or brother weren’t here? Would you rather be right, or happy?”

I think this line of thinking could easily sum up Jesus’ whole mission statement while on earth.  If I really dig deep, I know there’s a way to see God’s love covering not only my wrongs, but other’s wrongs, too. Thank God that love can be right, no matter what we’ve done wrong. 

Love is the “keeping quilt.” Keep it close and it can cover any offense!

Jennifer 🙂

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