September 17 – I Thought I Knew

For the ways of man are directly before the eyes of the Lord, and He [Who would have us live soberly, chastely, and godly] carefully weighs all man’s goings. Proverbs 5:21 AMP

God knows! I forget that, even still, on those days when life seems so real and so out of control. I have plans, you know? “See this schedule you helped me write, Lord? Why did you let me go this way when you knew differently?”

Right, it’s not fair. Nothing about you and me being here being allowed to live these lives and make these decisions is fair. The many, many would-be souls who are never conceived because the sperm and the egg didn’t connect probably think the same. Different egg and same sperm equals somebody else. Same egg, different sperm, you guessed it. Not you and not me. (Maybe a little too much information but you get my drift!)

No, this existence is strategic and ordained, but not fair. And though that sounds harsh, Love is at the center of this “unfair” reality. Because when I embrace the fact that I am a part of a story that possess elements I don’t quite understand, my role in it emerges with its unique contribution.

Step by step, the way becomes clear and moment by divine moment His will for our lives comes into focus. And one day, sooner or later, the last chapter and verse will be written…That’s when we say, “Oh, now I get it!”

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