September 3 – Father

Hear, my sons, the instruction of a father, and pay attention in order to gain and to know intelligent discernment comprehension, and interpretation [of spiritual matters]. Proverbs 4:1

The word father should bring a smile to every one of our faces. God intended every child to know the affirmation, acceptance and approval of their daddy.

And as the years go by, the father epidemic grows…because the fatherless don’t know how to be fathers.

So how in the world can we ever feel loved or led by the Father of fathers… God?

I have given my life to the idea of family because that is all I ever wanted growing up.  And when things happened I didn’t understand at my house, I blamed myself, then I blamed God.

But thankfully, God wasn’t offended with me, so when life started to get real scary and I had nowhere else to turn, I cried out for help.

As a broken man, I began to learn that He (God) wasn’t responsible for all the mistakes that were made in my house. He loved me, my momma, and my daddy even when we didn’t do everything right.  But the devil, fleshly  desires, and sinful behaviors can get to the best of us. And that is why the last thing we should ever do is run from our Father…yet we do.

And because He is a good Father, he doesn’t force His will or way on us and He won’t defend Himself when we play the blame game.

But when, and if, we ever put our fists down, stop the name calling, and ask for help…He will draw near, hug us and began to reveal the truth about the situations we face.

I don’t know what your daddy did or didn’t do. Nor would I dare judge how good a daddy you’ve been to your kiddos. But what I do know is if you and I want to heal or be a source of healing, we’ve got to let Daddy God love on us. Then He can lead us down that often broken road to a better place not only for us, but the generations to come.

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