August 29 – The Cause of the Effect

For the Lord shall be your confidence, firm and strong, and shall keep your foot from being caught [in a trap or some hidden danger]. Proverbs 3:26

I don’t ordinarily take a fancy to reading instructions. Though times of avoidable catastrophes have influenced me otherwise, I still had to make myself stop and read the “how to” manual for our garden tiller when we bought it.

What a sad commentary that is when almost every single time I have made myself stop, look and listen to the wisdom of the ones who made the doggone thing, the thing worked as designed.

But stubbornness and laziness takes on a pride unique to the individual. Then the derelict twin brothers, assumption and presumption take center stage on a not so funny comedic routine. The end result is usually a blame game toward the manufacturer. If that’s not insanity, I don’t know what is.

That’s why today’s Proverb requires a backwards look at the proceeding “instructions.” Otherwise it looks like all the doing is randomly up to God. Here’s my part of the “cause and effect”:
My son, let them not escape from your sight, but keep sound and godly Wisdom and discretion, and they will be life to your inner self, and a gracious ornament to your neck (your outer self). Then you will walk in your way securely and in confident trust, and you shall not dash your foot or stumble. When you lie down, you shall not be afraid; yes, you shall lie down, and your sleep shall be sweet. Be not afraid of sudden terror and panic, nor of the stormy blast or the storm and ruin of the wicked when it comes [for you will be guiltless], Proverbs 3:21-25 AMP
It is up to me to not let wisdom and discretion escape me. My part is small in comparison to God’s, but still, it is required.

May today find us nose deep in the manual, mining out the wisdom and discretion. Then, when it’s time to do some “tilling,” the acts of “brother assumption” and “brother presumption” won’t be necessary.

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